Like It or Not, DeVos Acts as Promised

Throughout the education community, we like to offer faux outrage regarding everything that EdSec Betsy DeVos says or does. We are shocked that she isn’t visiting a failing public school. We are dismayed when she goes to see a public charter school or the recipient of voucher dollars. We are apoplectic when she doesn’t march in lockstep with the teachers unions or the AASA.

But should we? From the day she was nominated to be Trump’s education secretary to today, hasn’t DeVos done and said everything that we expected from her? While we may have wanted more, sought a deeper strategic approach, or hoped for a change of heart on issues of importance to us, isn’t the EdSec delivering as promised?

Over on the BAM! Radio Network, we explore this topic, acknowledging that when it comes to the EdSec, what you see is indeed what you’ve gotten. Give it a listen.

One thought on “Like It or Not, DeVos Acts as Promised

  1. So DeVos did as she said in proposing her budget – but are we shocked that Congress funded needed initiatives despite blocking her school choice ask?

    “The bill provides no funding for school-choice projects, and instead boosts mental-health programs by $700 million, puts $22 million toward handling school violence, and increases funding for tuition-aid programs and after-school programs.” Via The Daily Beast (

    I’m confused. Is this what it actually seems?

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