On the Latest Episode of #TrumpED …

If EdSec Betsy DeVos and the U.S. Department of Education are interested in sparking meaningful action to improve the public schools, now is the time to begin to develop a “coalition of the willing,” those parents, educators, community leaders, activists, and all-around concerned citizens who can help move an idea into practice.

On the latest episode of BAM! Education Radio’s TrumpED, we explore this topic and the importance of building a coalition for action. Give it a listen here

After an EdSec Confirmation, What’s Next?

Earlier this week, by a 51-50 vote courtesy of a tiebreaker from Vice President Mike Pence, Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the U.S. Education Secretary. Regardless of whether one was pro-DeVos or Dump DeVos, the Michigan education philanthropist now sits in the big chair on Maryland Avenue. 

So what’s next? The head of the National Education Association has already said the nation’s largest teachers union will have “no relationship” with the new EdSec. Will other groups who opposed DeVos’ selection follow suit? Or will the seek out some type of common ground?

That’s the question we explore on the latest edition of TrumpED on the BAM! Radio Network. Give it a listen. Share your thoughts. And think about how to make the most of the coming years. 

An “Alternative” View of Trump’s Edu-Remarks

Sure, we never expect to hear much about education during a presidential inaugural address, and last week’s speech certainly didn’t change that. Yes, President Donald Trump did offer a small tip of a cap to education issues, but just in passing.

What if those remarks he delivered, though, could have a different meaning than how so many have taken the edu-speak? What if we could envision an “alternate” meaning for what was said?

Over at BAM! Radio Network, the latest edition of #TrumpED explores that very question. Give it a listen here. You might be surprised.

The Importance of the DeVos Team

With the initial confirmation hearing of EdSec-designate Betsy DeVos in the books and with Senate HELP Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander making clear there will be no follow-up hearings? What comes next.

Sure, we can parse everything that was said (or not said) at this month’s hearing. But the really important questions likely settle on who will be on DeVos’ squad. Who will lead elementary and secondary ed? Who will run point on higher ed? Who will be in charge of student loans? Who will head OII and its leadership on school choice?

In the latest installment of #TrumpED on the BAM Radio Network, I explore this a little more Give it a listen!


A Few Future-Looking Qs for DeVos

As Washington and the education community gear up for Betsy DeVos’ confirmation hearings to become the next EdSec, over at BAM Radio Network I explore a few areas we really should look into, but likely won’t.

Sure, we could spend the entire hearing discussion past actions on charter schools, vouchers, reform advocacy, and reform dollars. But rather than just talking the past, what if we actually explored the future and how the U.S. Department of Education can impact the entire education community.

The nation needs a clear vision of accountability, teacher preparation, modes of learning and expectations for all. Now seems like as good a time as any to start asking. Give it a listen here. You won’t be disappointed.

#TrumpED: Do Degrees Matter?

The latest installment of BAM Radio Network’s #TrumpED is up. In it, I look at some of the shade Trump nominees are facing because of the academic degrees they have (or haven’t) obtained and where they went to college.

At a time when we encourage all kids to seek a postsecondary education, should we really be disparaging those who didn’t go to Ivy League schools, or insinuate they shouldn’t be holding positions of authority?

Give it a listen here, and then give me an earful. And please send along any thoughts you might have on potential future segments for TrumpED.

Trumping Education Policy

To some, the end of days are approaching. For others, the end of federal interference in education is near. Regardless of one’s perspective, we can all agree that a new day for federal education policy is coming under the banner of the Trump Administration.

Despite what may excite or frighten us, one thing is clear. We know very little about what education policy will look like under President Donald Trump. We know he has called for a $20 billion fund for school choice. We know he has selected an Education Secretary, in Betsy DeVos, who has been an advocate for similar school choice issues. But that’s about all we know (other than the President Elect is anti Common Core).

We don’t know where the incoming administration will go on issues such as early childhood education, teacher evaluation, student loans, equity, STEM, or career and technical education. We don’t know where it is going to come down on the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act or on the enforcement of the Every Student Succeeds Act. In fact, there is far more we don’t know than we do.

I pursuit of some of the answers to these unknowns, Eduflack is happy to announce he is hosting a new regular radio program on BAM Radio Network on the Trump Administration and its education policy work. TrumpED will look to take a deep dive into the edu-thoughts and policies of the incoming administration, though a non-partisan (some may say Pollyannish) lens.

THe first episode of TrumpED is now available. I hope you’ll give it a listen and give it a chance. And if any loyal Eduflack readers have ideas for future segments or suggestions of potential guests, please shoot them my way.