Pay Attention! Eduflack For Your iPod?

Eduflack has gotten some requests for the PowerPoint deck I used at ASCD for my presentation on effective communications.  Clearly, those folks don’t know me as well as they think they do.  As a general rule, I never use PowerPoint.  Personally, I believe it stifles discussion, engagement, and the pursuit of valuable ideas.  If I want someone to read to me, I’ll ask my wife to do it.  And if someone wants me to read to them, I’m happy to do it if asked nicely (unless you are one of my two toddlers, then you don’t need to ask at all).  But no, Eduflack doesn’t use PowerPoint.  Maybe I just like to speak on the fly, interested in what may come out of my mouth next, but I find I am more effective when I am speaking with a group rather than to a group.

That’s why I provided handouts that were made available after the session (and posted earlier on Eduflack) and why I’ve made a list of examples of websites, blogs, and such that are getting it right.  (Though I can see the value of showing some of those examples live during such presentations.)
For those who are just dying to hear what exactly I had to say, the good folks over at ASCD taped my session and are making it available as a CD, MP3, or iPod download.  You can buy my lecture here individually, and you can likely get it from ASCD as part of a larger audio package after the conference.  Or if you are really eager, you can always just buy me a Diet Coke (no coffee for me, never had a cup in my 36 years and don’t expect to start now!) and I can give you the highlights in person.
This could be the start of a new trend.  Maybe I’ll just start transferring those intolerably long blog postings of my into podcasts.  Rather than listen to Springsteen or Aerosmith while working out, folks can listen to me talk about effective education communications.  Oooh, I’m getting shivers.

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