Resources for School Districts Entering Cyberspace

Over the weekend at the ASCD Conference down in Orlando, Eduflack was asked to identify some examples of school districts or superintendents who were up on the blogosphere and doing a decent job at it.  Follow-up questions also included sources for information and other sites that were useful.  So following are just a few examples to give those educators some ideas:

Superintendents Blogs

School District Blogs (a few good examples of districts collecting and inventorying blogs across the schools)
Over in St. Johns School District in Florida, they were doing some interesting things with the blog and podcasts.  But the site has been dormant for a bit now.  And, ultimately, such sites are only as strong as the frequency of their materials.
A Few Others to Consider
School board members and trustees are also getting into the blogging act.  One of the best is Texas’ Mike Falick.  Fred Deutsch out in South Dakota was also doing a strong one, but it seems to have gone dormant.  
Some teachers have teamed up with their students to take full advantage of blog opportunities.  Check out Mr. Hancock’s class blog in British Columbia and Nebraska’s South Titan Government Blog.   
Another important aspect of the blogosphere to consider — how others are viewing your school district.  What’s the external view of what’s happening in the schools?  Two great examples of this.  For the NYC Department of Education and all things Joel Klein, you have a foil in Gotham Schools.  For Texas’ Dallas ISD, you have the Dallas Morning News’ Kent Fischer’s Dallas ISD Blog.  Both are written by professional journalists (for Gotham, it is a collection of such), and the quality and insight shows.
School districts seem to be slow to enter the world of tweeting, if for no other reason than their primary audiences (teachers) are likely a little occupied during business hours to keep track of all of the tweets.  But we are seeing some education organizations putting Tweets to good use.  Some good Twitter examples are ASCD (ASCD and WholeChildAdv accounts), ABCTE (abcte), and ECS (BruceatECS).  Education Week has been particularly adept at sharing information on all of their latest blogs and new articles from their Tweet perch at educationweek.  And then there is Eduflack (eduflack).
For those looking for additional online resources, let me link you back to some previous discussions that were hosted over on the Educommunicators blog (
Such lists are continually growing and evolving.  The policy blogs, for instance, do not include those blogs coming directly from teachers.  There is a whole industry of teacher-led blogs providing valuable and interesting information on classroom developments.  So if you have other suggestions of blogs, Tweets, and listserves that should be added to the collection, please let me know or shoot a comment to this post so we can continue to broaden the net.

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