Making My Kids Prove They Belong Here

Whether they be naturalized citizens like my children, undocumented immigrants, or asylum seekers, we are now encouraging a society where people think ill of those who look like my children simply because of their skin color.

From Eduflack’s latest on Medium, reflecting on the new normal, of demanding proof of citizenship in the majority of American communities

One thought on “Making My Kids Prove They Belong Here

  1. we have a long ugly tradition of differentiating by skin color. Those of us who are from latin colultures, can nnot forget that we have different colors in our own penisula. My grandmother wqs a blue eyed blond, my grandfather wqaas a brunette. and thogether those Italians created the greatest culture aftr the dark Greeks. The Mayas gave us a n incredible culture of mathematics and artchibeture. Your readers should buy a copy of SAPIENS, the latest study of race just completed. The foolishness of bigotry is so obvious. i am so proud of my grandchildren who span the color chart. michael riccards

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