Donald Trump as Social Media’s Howard Stern

Our national obsession with the Twitter habits of President Donald J. Trump continues. But as we rush to critique the latest overnight bursts, as former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama recently have, maybe we need to recognize that Trump has mastered the medium that so many of us merely play in.

Over at LinkedIn Pulse, dear ol’ Eduflack explores how Trump is using forums like Twitter as they are intended, shying away from the better angels calling for editing, review, and restraint when it comes to social media.

And as usual, I take it a step further, comparing Trump’s Twitter skills to the radio prowess of Howard Stern during the shock jock’s heyday at WNBC, while Michelle Obama’s model is far more akin to slices of processed cheese.

Give it a read here.

One thought on “Donald Trump as Social Media’s Howard Stern

  1. As a former listener of Howard Stern, I want to defend him for he is not my president. On my own facebook i have argued that we should all examine closely the 25th amendment on presidential disability and come to know more about dementia. THis is not meant as a partsan swipe, but a serious concern from a student of the great office he holds. We now know that Ronald Reagan experienced sympthoms of the disease while president and those around him covered it up. michael riccards

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