Kiddos Craving Social Media Love?

Over on my Dadprovement blog, I wrote about an important piece that Parents magazine recently came out with, reposting here, as it is just as important a discussion in education circles as it is in parenting circles:

In my book, Dadprovement, I wrote some about how frustrating it can be to see friends leading these “perfect” family lives on Facebook, complete with perfect kids, perfect family outings, and just, well, general perfection. We all know it is just a facade, but for many parents slogging it out each and every day, it can get really frustrating.

So I was glad to see Parents magazine do a story this week on how social media can affect parenting. Parenting in a Fakebook World: How Social Media Is Affecting Your Parenting is definitely worth the read.

Many thanks to Mackenzie Dawson and the good folks over at Parents for including me in the story. I’m sure I’m not the only dad or mom out there who has a little one who craves the social media spotlight.

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