What Our Edu-Tweets Say About the Debate

In our quest to find hidden meaning in those 140 characters that dominate modern-day social engagement, Education Next has a new analysis of what Tweets are saying about the education debate

The piece from the Fordham Institute’s Mike Petrilli is definitely worth the read. In analyzing the Tweets of those who were designated “top education policy Tweeters” in last year’s Education Next, Petrili looks at what our posts say about our emotional, social, and thinking behaviors. 

EdSec Arne Duncan is Upbeat and Arrogant/Distant (the latter isn’t what one thinks, it means tweets show one is well read and smart, but the tweeter limits the online socializing). 

Educators like Jose Vilson are Upbeat. Randi Weingarten and Michelle Rhee are both Upbeat and Plugged In. Advocate Campbell Brown is Angry. The reporters on the list don’t share a common profile. They all seem to come at Twitter differently. 

And yours truly? Eduflack is branded as both Worried and Arrogant/Distant. Boy, did they nail that!

While I don’t want to give Twitter more credit than it deserves, Petrilli’s analysis is quite interesting. Definitely worth the read. Check it out!

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