Dadprovement and the Stargazer Literary Prize

Over on my Dadprovement blog, I just shared some terrific news. As many Eduflack readers know, last year, Turning Stone Press released my book Dadprovement, a story that chronicles the adoption of our two children from Guatemala and my personal quest to understand what it really meant to be a good dad.

It is a book that I am deeply proud of. It wasn’t an easy story to write. It is quite emotional, and even raw in some places. But it was an important story for me to tell, while providing valuable lessons for fathers (and parents in general) as they try to “have it all” and provide the “perfect” family.

Oh yes, the news. Each year, the Stargazer Literary Prize recognizes “life-changing fiction and non-fiction.” The awards go to written works that “demonstrated outstanding ability to courageously communicate pressing issues, provide insights into the human dilemma, and inspire the spirit.”

I’m incredibly proud, and quite humbled, to share that Stargazer Literary Prize just named Dadprovement as one of its Honorable Mention winners. The book was recognized in the “Mind, Body, and Spirit” category. You can see the full write-up here.

Many thanks to all of those who have been so supportive of the book to date. And if you’re a fan, it is never too late to go onto Amazon and give the book a glowing review. And for those itching to read the book, particularly after learning of this award, I am more than happy to send you a copy as long as you promise to write one of those five-star reviews. 🙂 Just let me know.

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