Teacher Contracts, Circa 1932

Over the holiday break, a friend of mine shared this fascinating piece of history. Its a contract between the Township of Hamburg, County of Marathon in Wisconsin with a teacher.

The total contract is one page long. For the 1932-33 school year, the teacher in question received $80 for teaching 20 days per each school month (and the teacher in question was only paid for eight months of a 12-month calendar). Legal and “Lutheran Holydays” are days with no school.

The contract defines a “legally qualified teacher” as one with responsibilities to “teach, govern and conduct the common school of said district to the best of her ability; keep a register of the daily attendance and studies of each pupil belonging to the school, and such other records as the District Board may require; make the report required by law, and endeavor to preserve in good condition and order, the schoolhouse, grounds, furniture, apparatus, and such other district property as may come under the immediate supervision of said teacher.”

Among the added teacher responsibilities? The teacher has to build her own fires. She also has to keep her classroom swept and clean.

Wages could be withheld if the teacher didn’t make the “report for the term as provided by law.” And if the school is determined to be “untenantable by reason of the elements,” the teacher contract is terminated.

No witty comment or snarky remark. Just a document that makes you go, hmmmmm.

WI teacher contract

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