Time to Read Dadprovement

I am thrilled to announce that my new book, Dadprovement, is now officially available. This book is a deviation from what I typically write. Instead of opining on the latest and greatest in education policy, It is a far more personal story.

Dadprovement tells of the journey I have gone through to become a father. It details all my wife and I experienced adopting our two children from Guatemala. Such international adoption tales are typically told through the eyes of the mother. Dadprovement is decidedly father-centric.

The second half of the book, though, spotlights the path I have taken to become a more involved father. My shift from careerist, a man focused primarily on my work and sacrificing my family in the name of taking care of them, toward a real dad and husband who rightfully placed my family first and foremost in my life.

Those who have read it are amazed by the story. It officially comes out from Turning Stone Press at the end of the month, available in bookstores around the nation. It is available as a paperback now from Amazon. It is also now available on Kindle here.

Don’t take my word for it on how terrific a book it is. Just look how happy my kiddos seem with it, finding it in NYC this weekend.


You can also read more about the book and related issues over on the Dadprovement blog, www.dadprovement.com.

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