Common Core Outside the Classroom

We are hearing a great deal these days about the Common Core State Standards and what educators, students, parents, and just about everyone else needs to do to successfully implement (or intentionally block) their implementation in the classroom.

But what can be done to support the learning of the Common Core beyond traditional school hours and outside of the traditional classroom?  That question is the subject of a new report out from the National Center for Time and Learning, Redesigning and Expanding School Time to Support Common Core Implementation.  And it is the topic of our latest Common Core Radio segment.
On BAM Radio, my cohost and I explore the new NCTL report and how outside-of-school-time activities can help better implement the learning expectations of the Common Core.  For this edition of Common Core Radio, we speak with NCTL’s Jennifer Davis and Jennifer Reinhart of the Afterschool Alliance.
You can hear the full segment here, as well as visit some of the previous Common Core Radio segments.
Happy listening!

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