We Changed Our Minds, Don’t Move

The nanny state seems to be at it again.  The good folks over at the U.S. Post Office decided a while back to issue a series of postage stamps to raise awareness for First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Just Move” campaign.  For those living under a rock these past four years, “Just Move” is an advocacy effort to get young people active and leading a healthy lifestyle.

This week, reports say that USPS has decided to destroy the entire run of “Just Move” stamps that were printed as part of the effort.  No, it wasn’t because they are looking to raise the cost of stamps again.  All of these lovely sheets of colorful stamps are being destroyed because they depict “unsafe” behaviors.  
The sheets in question depict a range of fun physical activities that kids can be to “Just Move” and be active.  And just what are these supposed “unsafe” acts found on the stamps?  The sheets include illustrations of a boy doing a cannonball dive, a skateboarder without knee or elbow pads, a baseball player without a helmet, and my personal favorite, a child doing a handstand without a helmet.
Seriously?  I’ll spare readers the “back in my day” stories about all of the dangerous activities we partook in just being children of the 1970s.  But we now can’t have illustrated stamps without the requisite helmets and pads?
Guess ol’ Eduflack will now be on the lookout for the stamps with the kids wrapped in bubble wrap.  

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