Partnering for School Improvement

In this era of tight education budgets and state policymakers worried about the out years of new policies, how is one to advance a real agenda of innovation and school improvement?

Over at Education Week, Andrew Ujifusa has a piece on how the Commonwealth of Kentucky is following the lead of the State of Colorado in establishing a not-for-profit partner that can help raise funds and drive education reforms in partnership with the state, the state department of education, and all those who are looking to break from the status quo of public education.
It is an interesting read, and worth consideration in those states that are serious about reforms, even if they are unsure if the state coffers will be able to meet classroom needs.  From Ujifusa’s piece:
[Kentucky Education Department spokeswoman Lisa Gross] tressed that the money distributed by the foundation would supplement, not supplant, state and other school funding.

“It’s more about innovation programs than it is about run-of-the-mill sorts of things,” Gross said, although she added it’s unclear exactly what the group will fund.

What a novel concept, looking for ways to supplement existing efforts and paving the way to innovate through a real reform agenda.

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