Across the nation, the defenders of the educational status quo continue to push back on reform efforts.  One of their loudest arguments is that school choice and charter schools are somehow a ploy to help someone “get rich.”  No, to those status quoers, it isn’t about kids.  
Forget that most charter schools are run by not-for-profit organizations.  Forget that for-profit charters are illegal in many states.  Forget that philanthropic supports for school choice are but a fraction of what a given school district or state is paying for public education in a given community.  We want to believe in ghosts, things that go bump in the night, and that schools of choice must be some sinister ploy of self interest. 
Perhaps the best response to this “profiteering” line comes from Democratic consultant extraordinaire James Carville.  As quoted in the new movie The Experiment and highlighted in Alexander Russo’s This Week in Education blog, Carville stated:  
“The idea that the schools here in Orleans Parish are some kind of result of some scheming people on Wall Street you know, trying to get 40 percent returns is just ludicrous.  I just don’t buy it.”
No truer words have been spoken with regard to the misguided charges of profiteering.  It is just ludicrous.  And it disrespects those families and those kids who are looking for better options and better educations. 

2 thoughts on ““Ludicrous”

  1. Want to get rid of all allegations of profiteering?You have a lot of influence in the “reform” movement. You can eliminate all allegations of profiteering with one simple statement:Neither I nor any organization I run will be associated in any way with any for-profit education enterprise, nor with any organization that supports giving taxpayer funds to any for-profit education enterprise for any purpose. Additionally, neither I nor any organization I run will be associated in any way with any organization that is not 100% open and transparent to the public in their practices, their correspondence, their policies, or any other matter relating to their work.Caesar’s wife must be above reproach. You are a leader in the “reform” movement, and you can guarantee that the allegations of profiteering will stop by simply saying that the holders of capital in for-profit enterprises have absolutely no place in public education.So you have a choice: Either make that statement, or stop complaining about allegations of profiteering. As long as the holders of capital are getting taxpayers’ education money for not working, there is profiteering occurring. There is no place for profit in public education, period.

  2. Didn’t SUNY just increase by 50% the management fee Eva Moskowitz charges?How much does Ms. Kenny make?

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