Just the Facts

Many Generation Xers may remember the cartoon G.I. Joe remaining us every week that “knowing is half the battle.”  And with all of the facts and figures thrown around during education reform discussions, knowing the statistics is definitely a non-negotiable.

In recent months, Eduflack has been writing a lot about the reform efforts in Connecticut.  This week, the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN) released its Field Guide to Education in Connecticut 2012.  This document, available in both hard and soft copy, provides educators and advocates, policymakers and parents with a one-stop shop when it comes to education statistics in the Nutmeg State.
From stats on who attends Connecticut’s public schools to achievement gaps, spending to test scores, the Field Guide has it all.  And it serves as a primer for those who are looking to understand the state of public education in a state like Connecticut.
Happy reading!
(Full disclosure: Eduflack is not only affiliated with ConnCAN, but he heads the org.)

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