Some Ed Reform Tweetin’

The tweeting coming from the education community seems to be getting louder by the day.  What was once a handful of sparrows trying to find voice has now become an army of eagles (and some vultures) all seeking additional attention and acknowledgement for their respective causes.

This week, the folks over at released their list of the Top 50 Essential Twitter Feeds for Education Reformers.  The list is a who’s who of education tweeters, broken into five categories — News, Government, Reform Groups, Teacher Advocates, and Education Policy.
Eduflack is honored to be one of the six Tweeters named to the Essential Twitter Feeds/Education Policy category.  @Eduflack tops the list, joined by @rgwahby , @saramead , @AEIeducation , @edvoters , and @TCBGP .
Whether you are a true reformer or a status quoer, the full list is worth a look … and forth a follow.

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