Enforcing a Safe and Drug-Free School

Just how important is providing all students a safe and secure learning environment?  While drug searches in our schools have been around for decades, and the case law empowering local school districts to do so seems quite clear, such searches can divide a community, resulting in some very heated rhetoric and accusations.  Are we really taking issue with zero-tolerance drug policies in the schools and questioning the right to a safe and drug-free learning environment?

That is the question I explore over at Education Debate — The Trouble with Puppies: How Invasive are Drug-Sniffing Dogs?   The question becomes even more interesting considering the U.S. Department of Education’s decision this week to restructure the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools following a near 40% cut in the Office’s budget.
Check it out.

One thought on “Enforcing a Safe and Drug-Free School

  1. Great topic. Schools should be the bastion of knowledge, not the eye of the drug tornado. Our kinds should learn there. Drugs are dangerous. The first dose kills, not the last.

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