Oh, Those “Government-Run Schools”

Have we really gotten to the point where we are going to attack the very existence of public schools as a way to score political points in the presidential primaries?  Apparently so.  Over at The Education Debate, my latest post looks at recent rhetoric from GOP presidential contenders attacking U.S. schoolhouses.

“Government-run schools.”  “Attempts to socialize our children.”  “Government monopoly system.”  Imposing “one fixed set of political beliefs.”  All real quotes in recent weeks.  And all real quotes from folks who have been elected to serve as U.S. senators, congressmen, and state governors.
Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinions.  But in one’s zeal to attack the “status quo” or lay waste to teachers unions, has no one told these White House aspirants that their beloved charter schools are public schools too?
Check out the piece (as well as a lot of other great content) over at The Education Debate.  And realize the likely political rhetoric on the schools is only starting to heat up. 

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