Four More Eduflackin’ Years!

Oh, how time flies!  Four years ago today, I officially launched Eduflack.  On March 5, 2007, I officially entered the blogosphere.  At the time, I said ESEA reauthorization would be a major topic of discussion (I was right, but didn’t realize it still would be the case four years later).  I talked about the importance of taking the topic of school improvement to all stakeholders, and not just the usual suspects (right again).  And I noted the challenge of real education progress breaking through the “white noise.”  (I’m three for three.)

Of course, I also told readers “not to expect in-depth discussion or debate on the impact of” key policy issues.  (Really swung and missed there.)  But on the whole, still feel good about the ideas, analysis, opinions, and complaining often found here at Eduflack.
Since its launch, I’ve posted 706 essays to Eduflack (this is #707).  Reading First and SBRR are our most popular topics (thanks to the early years), with Arne Duncan and national standards nipping at the heels.  Our readership has increased month after month, to the point where I am regularly surprised by who is reading it (and even more so, who act on some of the things they read).  Eduflack has won a number of awards and recognitions, though I still say the only reason I do it is I find the writing cathartic.
In 2009, I launched the companion @Eduflack Twitter feed.  I did so because there were a number of interesting articles, studies, and events I just couldn’t write about for the blog, but wanted to share.  Today, @Eduflack has more than 6,000 Twitter followers, what seems like a pretty good number in the education space, particularly for just one fat man with a computer.
All of this is just a long-winded wind-up to say THANK YOU!  Thanks to all those who read Eduflack.  Thanks to all those who comment on the posts.  Thanks to all those who retweet the Tweets or through me a #FF.  And thanks to all of those who inspire it all, through their actions, their projects, their organizations, their research, and their words.
I truly enjoy spending virtually all of my time in the school improvement space.  I do it because I think we can make a difference, and effective communications is a key component of that difference.  A client once said I live at an interesting intersection of research, policy, and communications.  I’m not a Ph.D., a policy wonk, or a publicist.  I’m complicated.  I like that.  Eduflack … it’s complicated!  A new mantra for the coming years.
But I digress.  Thanks to all of those who have made these past four years so much fun.  You have me truly excited for year five.   

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