They Love Us, They Really Love Us

This week, the good folks over at DIY Learning released their list of “The Top 50 Education Pundits Worth a Follow on Twitter.”  Believe it or not, deal ol’ Eduflack is actually on the list, identified as one of 14 education policy Twitter feeds to follow, joined by folks like the US Department of Education, the Education Equality Project, AEI, and the Center for American Progress.

Other categories include News (Chronicle of Higher Ed, HuffPo, and Teacher Beat, to name a few), Educators (including Alexander Russo, Jenna Schuette, Michelle Rhee, and John Merrow), and Library (including the Library of Congress).
Currently, @Eduflack has more than 5,000 followers Twitter, not bad for just a fat man with a laptop.  And we are grateful for each and every one of those followers, just hoping we are giving them what they are looking for.
For those not following @Eduflack over on Twitter, give it a look.  Unlike this blog, the @Eduflack Twitter feed is light on opinion and all about relaying the latest news, research studies, and other happenings in the education policy world. 
And don’t let this week fool ya.  Ye olde Twitter feed is dark so I can spend much of the week with the eduwife and edukiddos down at the Happiest Place on Earth.  I’ll be back full force next week.
Keep it coming, DIY Learning.  I just love making your top 50 lists.

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