I’m Back

As you may have noticed, Eduflack has been dark for the past couple of weeks.  Blame a busy work schedule, coupled with a busy family schedule and a busy civic duty/school board schedule.  Or chalk it up to the fact that education reform has been quite boring these past few weeks.  We seem to be experiencing the Groundhog Day effect, where we are talking about the same issues and having the same arguments that we have been having in recent months and years. 

But I’m getting back on the ol’ edu-horse.  Following tomorrow’s elections, we’ll have new direction at the federal level and likely in the majority of statehouses across the nation.  We have many saying education may be the leading domestic policy issue for 2011 (I’ll believe that when I see it).  And we have a slew of major superintendencies open that need filling (hopefully without the typical game of supe musical chairs).

So Eduflack is back.  Witty and relatively obnoxious commentary will likely start tomorrow, as we look at what will come out of election day.  Around the Edu-Horn is coming back to.  So please, give me a second (or a third, or even a first) chance.

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