Some Go-To Resources on that Internet Thingy

Yes, new media and social media are some of the hottest buzzwords these days.  But more and more, Eduflack is finding individuals and organizations who are struggling to find the “best in class” or those who have come before them (and done a good job) to model behaviors.  We all want to maximize the communications tools available to us, but we also want to avoid real mistakes that could set our efforts — particularly in education improvement — back.  As a result, inaction is often easier than trying to jump on the latest and greatest.

When I am out speaking to members of the education community, I am often asked if I can point them in the right direction.  What school districts are using Facebook well?  What education blogs do I read?  Who is actually using Twitter well?  
Over at Clear View Education, they have assembled a list of the Top 100 Blogs for Teachers of the Future.  This list provides a breakdown of go-to sites for Resources for Teaching, Technology, Blogging Teachers, Teachers as Students, Special Education Emphasis, Other Educators, Professional Education Blogs, News and Politics, and Policy.  It is worth checking out —  And I don’t just say that because dear ole Eduflack is on the list.
And on Twitter, @alexanderrusso points us to an ever-expanding database of school districts who are using Twitter to communicate.  It is a great resource to see who is tweeting (and how they are doing it).  And if your district is on Twitter, but not listed, you can add yourself to the list.  Check it out at:      

13 thoughts on “Some Go-To Resources on that Internet Thingy

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