Eduflack’s Tale of the Tape, Spring 2009

It’s that time of the year again, and Eduflack is not talking about his high expectations and usual disappointments with the New York Mets.  It is time to set aside talks of education improvement, achievement gaps, and agitation and take a look at how the edukids are doing, developmentally.

For those just joining us, let me give you the scorecard.  Miggy (Michael William Alejando, officially) just turned three years old on Tuesday.  Anna Patricia (my Princesa) is a little more than 19 months old.  Both went in for their annual checkups yesterday (semi-annual for Anna) and both came through with flying colors.
For Miggy, he came in at 31 pounds (40th percentile) and 3 feet, three inches tall (30th percentile).  Our future corporate CEO is smart as a whip, has an incredible memory, knows how to operate an iPhone better than his mother, and recites dialogue from the Transformers movie and can sing along to the lyrics of the Pussycat Dolls.  (Should I be proud of that?)
For Anna, she came in at 22 pounds (20th percentile) and two feet, eight inches tall (50th percentile).  The soon-to-be-first Latina Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia has incredible receptive speech, both in English and Spanish, and is about to just burst when it comes to using her words (she has about a dozen words now).
For both, our family sitcom will start this fall.  These two Guatemalan-born kids, raised in an Italian-Catholic household will be enrolling in a Jewish pre-school come September.  Both will be students at Temple Rodef Shalom School in Northern Virginia, selected because Rodef Shalom just has incredible offerings for both academic and social development.  The curmudgeonly cynic in me was thrilled with what I saw in the program, and thus Miggy will start the five-morning-a-week program this fall, Anna the two-morning-a-week program.  And thus the begin the process of spending the next 15 years or so attending the same school.
As always, I couldn’t be more proud of my two little joys.  Not because they are growing (that is to be expected) but because of the zeal, happiness, and enthusiasm they show for just about every experience in their lives.  We couldn’t be a luckier family, and I couldn’t possibly have more a reason to fight as hard as I do to ensure that public education is as strong, impactful, and results-oriented as it can be.  Like me, both Miggy and Anna will be products of the public schools.  Both have the possibility and the opportunity to be leaders.  Both have access to all of the pathways of success.  We just need to redouble our efforts to ensure that is the case for all children, and not just those living in households like the Eduflack’s.

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