What’s Got Educommunicators Thinking

Wonder what the marketing communications professionals in the education sector are thinking about?  Their concerns?  Their hopes?  Their desires?  If so, check out the latest survey from Educommunicators, a new online community established just for those marcomm pros.

For those who don’t know, I started Educommunicators last fall because I saw a gap in the field.  The number of PR pros, marketers, public affairs agents, PIOs, freelancers, and reporters covering the education industry continues to grow.  But none of the traditional PR and communications groups (PRSA and IABC) seem to acknowledge the sector as a major player, particularly in this economy.  Some groups (NSPRA and EWA in particular) do a great job serving a segment of the educommunicator community, but few were looking at the sector as a whole.  Thus, Educommunicators.
In late fall, we officially launched this little social experiment, utilizing a Facebook Group, a LinkedIn Group, a website (www.educommunicators.com), and a blog (http://blog.educommunicators.com).  In December, we announced the organization’s first Board of Advisors (see www.educommunicators.com for the list), a great group of dedicated communicators representing multiple sectors of the field.  Today, we are announcing the results of our 2008 survey.  This data is going to be used to help shape the Educommunicators community in 2009, ensuring this nascent group brings value and holds the interest of its growing list of members.
Eduflack is most taken by one particular statistic — the hunger for best practices.  Doesn’t matter if we are a school administrator, a governor, a teacher, or an eduflack, we all want to know what works.  We all want to see what is working in environments like ours, with stakeholders like ours.  We want to learn from those like us, modeling promising practice (and avoiding that which does not work).
The full data can be found on the Educommunicators blog.  Expected action items will follow on the blog and the Educommunicator groups later this week.

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