Tale of the Tape: Ending 2008 With a Huge Smile

As many of you know, Eduflack and Eduwife spent more than 13 months working to get our daughter Anna home from Guatemala.  After a great deal of red tape, frustration, bureaucratic snafus, and downright thoughtless actions by decisionmakers down south of the border, my little “Princesa” joined the family in Virginia in late October (about five months after we had hoped and planned).  Life hasn’t been the same since, and Anna couldn’t be more perfect.  The future governor and senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia, Anna Patricia Riccards is one of the most inquisitive, thoughtful, intelligent little girls on the planet.  She will truly be one of the great leaders and innovators of her time.

That was confirmed late yesterday, when she had her 15-month wellness visit with the pediatrician.  The numbers are in, and she is already outperforming her big brother.  Her weight (and she is a 21st century gal not afraid to talk about such things), 21 pounds and 8 ounces, putting her in the 30th percentile nationwide.  Her height, 31 inches, in the 60th percentile (whoda thunk Eduflack would have a tall child), and her head circumference is 17 3/4 inches, 25th percentile (meaning she has a future of fitting in every one-size-fits-all baseball cap (particularly those Mets caps), unlike her large-noggin’ daddy.
Everything is great.  Fantastic receptive speech in both English and Spanish.  Starting to use her words.  Walking up a storm, with nothing that can stop her.  She’s an independent woman, one who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself (even if her big brother may be playing a little too rough).  She’s everything we could ask for in a daughter, and we are fortunate beyond fortunate that our trek to get her home is over and we are now one big happy family.  Happy New Year, my Princesa!  Happy New Year Miggy!

4 thoughts on “Tale of the Tape: Ending 2008 With a Huge Smile

  1. Congratulations! I have 2 girls. You are in for a great adventure. Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year.Cheers

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