Eduflack In the Top Eight?

When I started the Eduflack blog nearly two years ago, I did so for two reasons.  One, I thought there was a whole in the education policy discussion landscape about effective communication.  There was a real need to see how we effectively discuss education reform, looking at the messages, tactics, and issues of the day that are capturing the public attention and driving real improvement in the community.

Second, I did so from a purely selfish point of view.  I find writing a way to recharge the mind and look at old topics in fresh ways.  Spending all of my day talking about education and school improvement, it only helps my craft by spending my free time writing about it.
Sure, it always interests me to see the rankings on Technorati and to read articles about effective education blogs, as was recently developed by Mike Petrilli in Education Next —  I know Eduflack is not a top-10 blog, but is nice to see how Eduflack ranks in Core Knowledge’s personal blog rankings or to know that this blog was a finalist for Ed in 08’s Education Blog of the Year back in the spring.
So imagine my surprise to learn this week that Eduflack has been named one of the top eight education blogs by the good folks over at DreamBox.  Their full posting is here —  As for me, they wrote:
An expert on educational advocacy, marketing and communication strategies, Patrick Riccards articulates the ripple effect of education in intelligent prose that make you stop and think. Eduflack is particularly laudable for its ability to take complex educational issues and synthesize them down to easily understood ideas. One stand-out read is Eduflack’s ten educational tenets.

I’m always surprised to find out that folks other than family and friends actually read my ramblings and put up with my Moby Dick-like hunts on issues such as Reading First, national standards, and the need for more public engagement campaigns for education issues.  So I thank the folks at DreamBox Learning for reading the blog.  And more importantly, I thank them for the company with which they place Eduflack.  Now I just have to live up to the hype.


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