Tale of the Tape, the Edudaughter

A moment of self indulgence, if you please.  As many know, two weeks ago today, we brought Edudaughter home from Guatemala for the first time.  She is now 13 months and one week old, and has immediately become ingrained as the central figure of the edufamily.  Again, we have lucked out with a perfect child, a smiling, laughing, happy little girl who sleeps through the night and takes great interest in anything her big brother or parents seem to be involved in.

This week, we had to take her over to the pediatrician for her wellness visit.  All looks terrific.  At 13 months, she comes in at 20 pounds, four ounces (25th percentile), 29 3/4 inches tall (50th percentile), with a head circumference of 17 1/2 inches (25th percentile).  In each category, she is far more advanced that her brother was.  And she is smart as a whip, far more intelligent than her meager year and a month would reveal.
The painful part of the wellness visit came down at the lab.  With all international adoptions, U.S. doctors need to verify that all immunizations and vaccinations previously received with honestly delivered and of medical quality.  That means drawing four vials of blood from a baby.  We’re only half the way there.  She has to go back for more draw.  But we went through this process with Eduson, who had the same doctor in Guatemala, and all was fine.  So no worries as to how this has turned out.
As I wrote two weeks ago, Eduwife and I are the fortunate and blessed ones here.  The challenge now is making sure both educhildren take full advantage of the opportunities before them, have access to high-quality education, and model the love for learning of their mother, while staying away from the general cynicism of their father.  
Tonight will be Edudaughter’s first Halloween celebration.  Since we brought her home, I have called her princess, a name that she takes great glee (maybe a little too much) in hearing.  So here’s to the “princesa” getting a large haul this evening and dreaming the happiest of dreams afterward.

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