Baby Eduflackette — The First Birthday

OK.  Time for Eduflack to get a little personal.  For those in the know, Eduflack and the missus have spent much of the past year working to bring baby Eduflackette home from Guatemala.  About a year ago, we made the decision to bring little Anna Patricia into our family.  Anna is our son Michael’s full birth sister.  This past Saturday — September 20 — was her first birthday.  As celebration, we have learned that we have passed through the latest legal/regulatory hurdle in Guatemala, and with a little luck and a lot of prayer, baby Anna will be nestled snuggling in her new home in Falls Church, Virginia before the Christmas stockings are emptied and the holiday gifts are unwrapped.
As for the tale of the tape, Anna had her last doctor’s visit about a month ago.  She’s weighing in at 19 pounds, 3 ounces.  She’s 67.4 centimeters long.  And now she’s got those big beautiful teeth setting off her fabulous smile.  She’s also incredibly gorgeous, as any can see, and I am sure she is going to cause me a great deal of trouble in about 15 or 16 years when the boys start calling.  
As I regularly say, Edu-son is one of the primary reasons why I am so zealous in regard to education reform and education agitation.  Little Eduflackette just redoubles that commitment.  With a strong education, she and her brother can rule the world.  I just have to do everything I can to get them the high-quality, results-oriented education they both need and deserve.
Happy birthday, baby girl.  Momma and dada will have you home in the Old Dominion soon enough!

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