Tale of the Tape, April 2008

Yesterday, April 28, marked the two-year anniversary of Eduson’s birth.  Two years ago, he was born in a tiny village in Guatemala.  Seven months later, he officially joined our family, arriving in Washington, DC two days before Thanksgiving 2006.

Today, he is clearly the brightest young toddler of his age.  He usually knows to say please and thank you (particularly if the please will get him something he wants).  He knows how to get Eduflack and Edugrandma to give him whatever he wants, whenever he wants it.  Not only is he bilingual, he knows who to speak which language to.  And when he hears Eduflack speaking Spanish, all he can do is laugh.

He is an educational sponge, quickly picking up the words and actions of just about everyone (again, with Dad clearly at the top of his list).  He is a mini-me at this point, and even mimics my pacing when I talk on the phone.

No question about it — he is absolutely perfect.  And I am reminded of that every morning when I get my good morning kiss and every evening when I read him a stack of books before he will go to sleep.

This morning, this perfect child had his two-year wellness visit, and the numbers are now in for Eduson:
* Weight — 26.2 pounds
* Height — 33 1/4 inches
* Head Circumference — 18 1/4

Yes, he is only in the 5th percentile on the head (while his father wears a size 8 Mets cap).  But everyone needs something to work on. The good news — he now has the green light on peanut butter.  Nothing but happy days ahead … including the Chuck E. Cheese birthday party Friday evening (the boy’s choice, not dad’s.) 

Happy Birthday, Miggy!

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