Mini-Eduflack Weighs In

It is that time again to reflect on Eduflack’s other primary interest, and one of the reasons why education reform is so important.  Yes, it is time for another shameless plug for the mini-Eduflack, who recent discovered that books are for more than just throwing.

Eduflack-ito just completed his 18-month well visit.  At 18 months and 26 days, here’s the tale of the tape.  24 pounds, 8 ounces (up a pound from August, definitely not like dadda).  32 inches long.  18 1/4-inch head circumference (still no Barry Bonds HGH action here).  More than 20 spoken words.  And he is a sponge when it comes to receptive speech, both in English and Spanish.  He seems to understand just about everything we say (though he chooses to ignore what he doesn’t like).

In a few short years, mini-Eduflack is going to head off to his first year of public school.  And this dadda wants to make sure he has effective teachers, research-based instruction, and a true hunger and passion for learning.

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