A Clear Ask from the Big Easy

It’s a rare day when Eduflack is surprised by a proposed marketing tactic in education reform.  Too often, we hear a soft sell, where folks are just unwilling or unable to say what they are looking for.  And without delivering that specific ask, many of those soft sellers are unsuccessful in reaching their goals.

Ed Reform PR and Marketing 101 is easy.  Know what you want.  Know who to ask.  Know what to ask them to get it.  It takes a moment to learn the lesson, and a lifetime for many to get comfortable enough to offer a clear, compelling ask.

That’s why it was so refreshing to hear from New Schools for New Orleans (www.nsno.org) this evening.  The goal is clear.  NSNO is looking to help incoming Supe Paul Vallas rebuild New Orleans’ schools.  NSNO is trying to help build school capacity in the Big Easy.  To do that, they are looking to offer grants to teachers and school leaders to support the rebirth of New Orleans public education.

They know what they want — to amplify the call for true educational leaders and visionaries to contribute to the rebirth.  They know how to sell it — caging their call with the on-the-ground efforts of KIPP, Teach for America, the New Teacher Project, New Leaders for New Schools, among them.  And they managed to sell their call to arms to a cynic like Eduflack. 

So we’ll break from our regular analysis and critique to just share the information and let it sell itself.  The NSNO Incubation Grant offers $10,000 a month to a founding school leader, as well as significant network and technical assistance and exposure to great school models.  The grant app is available at www.nsno.org, and more information can be had by emailing Gia at gia@nsno.org.

It’s easy for all of us to talk about what’s wrong with the schools or even to comment on how to improve the schools.  It’s far more difficult to let our actions match our rhetoric.  So for all of those dedicated educators, those reformers looking to build a better mousetrap, or those who are just looking to offer a little hope where there was none previously, go give the NSNO and the efforts to rebuild the schools in New Orleans a second look. 


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