Around the Edu-horn — July 30, 2012

It’s back.  With all of the cool kids still playing on that Twitter thingee, Eduflack is bringing back his daily roundup of some of the top Tweets from @Eduflack …

Addressing Poverty in Schools 
To Earn Classroom Certification, More Teaching and Less Testing
NY’s Classrooms Need Top Teachers, 

Around the Edu-Horn, November 8, 2010

RT @hechingerreport Our latest Go Deep section tackles community colleges. Read all nine stories!

N.J. teachers union snubbed by state education chief: (from ASCD)

Utah state ed leaders to consider grading schools

Extended school days under consideration in DC public school system

RT @sgermeraad: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on #teacher effectiveness: time of change or just talk of change?

Around the Edu-Horn, October 18, 2010

HI gov. candidates bicker over appointed school board

Obama’s Education Mess – Yahoo! News

Contract: Baltimore teachers union and district leaders to return to negotiating table

Discipline rate of black students in Del., elsewhere is probed

Adrian Fenty and Michelle Rhee: We fought for D.C. schools. Now it’s up to you.

Around the Edu-Horn, September 8, 2010

N.J. pushes ahead with school reforms despite failed grant bid (from ASCD)

Japan fattens textbooks to reverse sliding rank:

How D.C. schools might be affected if Rhee decides to move on:

Using FB can lower student achievement?

Robert J. Samuelson – School reform’s meager results:

In D.C. schools, Rhee and Fenty learn that tough reforms bring tougher politics:

Around the Edu-Horn, September 1, 2010

So now edujobs $$ don’t have to be spent on edujobs?… via @educationweek

How sad! Swing sets removed at some W.Va. schools, thanks to litigation

First online-only public school in Massachusetts opens this week (from ASCD)

RT @EdEquality CNN interviews award-winning teachers to get their advice on #edreform. “It’s all abt the teachers.”

U of Phoenix and paid media, promotions —

Around the Edu-Horn, August 30, 2010

RT @saramead I made a cool spreadsheet to help people analyze RTT results: Check it out here:

Teachers blast L.A. Times for releasing teacher effectiveness rankings –

RT @sgermeraad NY Times: #RTTT has shown that competitive grant programs can be a powerful spur to #edreform

Growth of online learning in Chicago schools draws cheers, worries –

Education Secretary Duncan hits the road for reform

Around the Edu-Horn, August 27, 2010

Christie fired Schundler in NJ over #RTT loss —

Progress slows in closing achievement gaps in D.C. schools:

Kindergartens see more Hispanic, Asian students

New NSDC study on teacher PD trends and challenges —

RT @ewrobelen STEM education to get boost from Race to Top winners:

Around the Edu-Horn, August 19, 2010

RT @JoanneLeeJacobs A new curriculum map for new standards

Report calls for overhaul of low-performing Buffalo, N.Y., schools (from ASCD)

RT @USChamberICW Summary of #RttT phase 2 finalists, including detailed look at major changes in apps since phase 1:

Fenty’s political fortunes tied to success of D.C. school reforms:

RT @Dyrnwyn High School diplomas and black grad rates in NJ are of questionable value:

Around the Edu-Horn, August 17, 2010

RT @dorieturner AP: Cheating scandal roils Atlanta Public Schools #education

N.J. schools chief favors more school time, charter expansion (from ASCD)

RI toughens high school graduation requirements —

RT @EdEquality New report on Black males released. Out of 50 states 1/2 have grad rates below nat’l avg.

Toilet paper, the latest must-have school supply —